Planksgiving Challenge

Hey all! Happy Planks-Giving!

We’ll start this challenge off November 1 in the studio. Not a studio member no worries you can follow along too.

I come on with a live stream tutorial all about the plank, plank, glorious plank!  Each day we will do a new and different variety of the plank exercise to strengthen our core and challenge us to try new movements. The moves will get tougher as the month goes on but don’t worry! If you can’t do a full minute of planks yet just do what you can and I bet by the end of the month you’ll be ROCKIN’ THE PLANK! 

Test your starTing plank time so if you are familiar with how to do a proper plank you can go ahead and test now! Post your time in our Community Facebook Group

If you’re not too sure about how to do a plank properly, hang on and I’ll walk you through the do’s and don’ts.

Check out all of the muscles used to do this one spectacular exercise! (Planks can also be done on your elbows)

In this challenge we are also going to be practicing gratitude for the awesome things our body can do! Here’s the links for the schedule of planks each day. And a chart to track your gratitude each day.