The Corkscrew

The Corkscrew

Lets get this party started! The Corkscrew focuses on the obliques or the waist band muscles. This is the beginner version of the exercise. Eventually once we are strong enough the legs circle over head, to complete the circle. Lets go for 5 circles in each direction.

One Leg Stretch

The First Exercise in the Series of Five

The Series of Five…we have all heard of it, we have all done it. It is a killer. The One Leg Stretch is the first, and because it is the first it might not “seem” so bad. It challenges your core to stay engaged will coordinating moving the legs away from the center, keeping the head and shoulders up off the mat….don’t forget to breath. 😅

One Leg Circle

Single leg Circle

After the Rollover we get some reprieve with the One Leg Circle. In the beginning the “resting” leg can be bent for more stability.

Also know as single leg circle–this exercise challenges hip stability by moving the leg and trying to keep the rest of the body quiet. 5 Circles in each direction. As we get stronger we enlarge the circle.